Time Flies…

Monday, 28 April 2014

Well it’s already been a month and a half since I started my internship, seems crazy. Almost 2 months since I’ve left the UK and my family, whom I miss very much. However there is much growing up to do and, I know this time away from them will help me mature as a person. living away from them isn’t easy, but luckily for me my grandad and nan have been amazing (I’d be eating fried rice and instant noodle everyday if it wasn’t for them). Since moving here I feel so much healthier doing much more exercise than I would back in the UK. Just walking up to Shum Wat carrying the Theodolite is equivalent to a months worth of exercise back home.

The work has been great! I can now play both the computer operator and scanner when doing land based surveys. I’m still training my boat survey skills which I’m sure will become better and better soon. Luckily for me I still have a 100% sightings record when doing boat surveys, which fingers crossed will last till my internship ends. Although I have been spoilt from the first 2 weeks of starting, as both dolphin and porpoises have been great to me allowing me to witness them in large quantities. They have slowly become more and more elusive, only seeing one dolphin last week.

Everyone has been awesome! These colleagues are sometimes strange but there is never a dull moment with them. They have been teaching me some Chinese slang which has been hilarious, so my FF is to learn all the ones they know. I’ve been introduced to many silly things like MKpop and genrally what HK people like to do. They also love to talk about food and, I’m quite sure there has not been one day since I’ve started where food or eating has not been mentioned. It has been a pleasure working with the guys and ladies, I will keep learning a lot from them!

Anyways that is all, see you here again soon!


Posted by Hoson Leung