The Start of Summer!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

I’m Tiana, one of the current summer interns along with Phoebe and Natalie. Though I study in the states I’ve grown up in Hong Kong. Samuel keeps saying that I am practically a “gui mui” (foreigner) but I’m really from Hong Kong! My Cantonese is just a little iffy sometimes.


My first week (plus the two days from the week before) working with HKDCS staff have been very enlightening. It has given me a good overview of what things are like thought I hope to soon start to be able to be of helpful contribution. All the staff are super nice and approachable which helped us interns adjust really quickly. Big shout out to Yuki who I’ve been with everyday at HKDCS. Apart from always making sure to explain things to us interns and give us advice, she was also very friendly and would try to strike conversations with us when we were still relatively shy during our first few days. Everyone seems to be a part of such a family and it makes the working environment very encouraging and fun. I look forward to a great 2 months with everyone!


Posted by Tiana Wu