The End

The End

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It finally comes to the end of my internship programme. Last week was so fruitful that I did some special sightings during both theodolite tracking and line-transact survey.

I was lucky to be given a chance to do my last theodolite survey in Fan Lau, which was the most amazing one that I had even done. I could even see a group of six to seven dolphins surfacing in inshore area, which was the first time that I see such large number of dolphins surfacing together. It was really exciting!

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Also, dolphins kept surfacing actively in the first two hours of the survey. Different groups merged and spited out continuously. It was a bit hard to identify which group the dolphins belong to as there were too many dolphins at the sea.

For my last line-transact survey, it was a little pity that I had never been on effort to do line-transact survey throughout the internship programme. However, I still had an off-effort sighting during my last survey.

A special guest in this picture..guest who!

A special guest in this picture..guest who!

I observed a dark calf surfacing around 20 meters away from the boat and I yelled immediately after the surfacing. After we stopped the boat for further observation, the group was found to consist of a mother-and-calf pair and another dolphin. Through photo identification, the calf was found to be a famous calf, Hei Hei (希希). Its true story was written in a book called Man Vs Dolphin (豚在野希希大冒險). I was glad that I did a nice job during my last line-transact survey.

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There is an end to everything, to good things as well. I feel difficult to say how much I have learnt and experienced in the past nine weeks. I have enjoyed my time here and it has been my pleasure working with the amazing staff here and the enchanting animals at sea. I will remember the time we worked together and the moments that I was excited by the fascination of dolphins.

Good Bye!!



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