Friday, 4 October 2013

It’s unbelievable, but half of my internship is over already. Time really does fly. And there still are new things to learn, whether it’s new stations or survey types. Last week we collected some dolphin dive times in Tai O. It’s really a most favorable place for watching dolphins from land and conveniently close to my home away from home, too. I for sure will be back to just sit there and watch some dolphins on a free day.

While we saw many dolphins in Tai O, unfortunately the remaining week was marked with only few and mainly very brief sightings, no matter if it was from the boat or from land. But I’ve been told one of the other teams had a great sighting, so it’s good to know that the dolphins are still around and we were just unlucky. We also finally started our acoustic surveys, which is really exciting!

On a more personal note it also was my birthday last week. My team of that day surprised me with a cake. Isn’t this just awesome!

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Posted by Anke Kuegler