Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hello people, it’s me again :D. Its been long since I last updated my time in the HKDCS.  The past few months have been great, I have learnt a lot of things from the guys from being on-effort, to learning new acoustic tracking techniques.  You can never ask for a better working environment than in the HKDCS.  Anyway, besides all the serious work we normally do on our working days, last month we managed to gather around on a saturday for a day of great fun.

We organised us a cycling plus picnic day.  We cycled from Tung Chung to the Disney Inspiration Lake, which was a 2-hour ride.  And then we settled at the Inspiration Lake for lunch.  We, like any other day of work, met up in Tung Chung MTR station, and as always, Viena was late xD.  Before heading to the bike rental, we went to get us some snacks for the picnic from the supermarket.  Once we all got our bikes, we took a group photo and started our day of cycling.  The scenery along the cycling path was fascinating, and it was an easy ride until we reached Sunny Bay, in which we had to cycle up a steep road.  It was terribly rough especially after 1.5 hour of cycling.  Some of us had no choice but to hop off the bike and push, while the rest were so much stronger and biked all the way up the road.  Once we reached the peak, everything became effortless and we arrived in Inspiration Lake in no time.



We set up a perfect spot for lunch overlooking the lake, Karen prepared lunch for everyone, there were bolognese spaghetti, and chicken wings.  Although I could not taste the chicken wings, but I could tell they were good, just like the spaghetti.  While everyone was away getting drinks, I witnessed something totally ludicrous, Viena and Yuki rolling on the grass like 5 year-old children.  Apart from eating, we also played board games together.  When the sun started to set, it marked the end of our fun day, so we began cycling back to Tung Chung, remember I mentioned about the scenery on the way to Sunny Bay? With the scene of the sun setting, the scenery along the cycling path was 10-times prettier, it was breathtaking.

After returning our bikes to the bike rental, we left Tung Chung for a tummy-filling dinner in Mongkok.  At the end of the day, it was generally an enjoyable day, it was a day where we got to know each other better.  Anyway, I guess this is where I should end the story :D I will see you guys next time.


Posted by Cherie C