There she goes again

There she goes again

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hey there. Another week has passed and it’s time for a little update from Hong Kong. Last week started of with a Welcome and Goodbye dinner (bye bye Danielle!). It was so much fun and all we foreigners were amazed about how much the others managed to eat: while we were full after halfway through, the team continued and kept ordering and ordering all different kinds of delicious looking foods. I wished I wasn’t full, because they really looked and smelled yummy!

Another highlight of this week certainly was the visit of an acoustic expert, who provided us with a brief introduction into acoustic work. It was so interesting and I certainly hope to get a little more insight into it during the next couple of weeks.

We also tried to find porpoises this week, but they still remain a mystery at the moment. To not be too disappointed though, and after teasing us with some waves, the weather god appeased us with a beautiful light show on our way home.

There is so much going on at the moment here at HKDCS and these are busy times. So I’m really looking forward what else is to come.


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