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Friday, 17 January 2014

For the past three months, my time with HKDCS has been very fruitful. I am fortunate to join the team, meeting wonderful people and gaining new experiences every day. For those who are looking into the field of cetacean research and marine conservation, this internship is certainly a great opportunity to explore your interest and most of all, you won’t regret it!

One might think that research work is always boring, however, this is not the case when it comes to the research done in here. Since we cannot predict what sightings we can get during the surveys, I always look forward to what I will experience each day. Among all field surveys, I particularly like to spend my time with the dolphins and finless porpoises at sea. It is never tiring to see them especially when you can recognize a few through photo identification. Just weeks ago, I was able to get a picture of the mother and calf pair near Lung Kwu Chau using the 7D camera. My photography skills were better this time and I was able to capture the moment when the calf peeped out of the water. It was really cute indeed!

Apart from conducting field research, I was glad to be involved in other related works such as data analysis, the DRT show, school talks and many more. Recently, I have spent a lot more time working on the SROI project. We did several questionnaire surveys already and most went well. Regarding the issue on the third runway project proposal, the supporting and opposing voices were both strong. Through the process of setting up objectives, creating questionnaires and conducting interviews, I learned that the work of conservation involves good communication and the collaboration between researchers and other parties such as the general public. It is a difficult job but I believe every change starts with a small step.

All in all, this internship was really memorable and the experiences I had will certainly last for a lifetime. It has inspired me to explore further in the field of cetacean research and was useful to help me plan my future career. Also, the staff members were extremely helpful and it was my pleasure to work with them. Though my internship period has ended but at the same time it has turned a new page in my life. In the coming months, I am glad to continue to work at HKCRP (as one of the staff this time J) and surely there will be more exciting events waiting for me ahead.

I got to say bye now. All the best to future interns!

Tiffany =)

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