Hi, it is time for me to surface again

Hi, it is time for me to surface again

Monday, 29 July 2013

Hi, it is time for me to surface again. Haha!

Last week, I was mainly in charge of doing acoustic survey in West Lantau. We did recording of dolphins’ voice for analyzing the impact of construction sites towards dolphins’ living. However, rarely did we successfully record dolphins’ voice because of numerous obstacles and limitations.

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The weather was so unstable throughout the week and it really hindered our work. We needed to keep updated with the weather condition for deciding what to do when the weather was getting bad. We could only stay at the compartment of boat to do observation while raining heavily. Therefore, sighting and data collection might be badly affected by our obstructed vision. Also, according to my experience, I suspend that dolphins do not behave actively when raining. Haha! I might proof it by surveying their behaviors in the future.

It is a bit sad that I did not often hear dolphins’ voice last week. I hope that I will have more chances to get in touch with them and excited by their beauty and intelligence.


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