Hi! I am the new intern of HKDCS this summer.

Hi! I am the new intern of HKDCS this summer.

Friday, 8 June, 2018

Hi! I am the new intern of HKDCS this summer. I am June studying Biology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This is my first week working here and I have been welcomed by all the staff and research team members.

I am responsible for helping Yuki with her publication jobs like writing e-newsletters, writing posts on social media, helping planning workshops for the public, etc. I am also glad that I have already been given a chance to go to a press conference and an opening ceremony on behalf of the society within the first week.

The press conference was about the questionnaire given by the Task Force on Land Supply. 3 parties: HKDCS, Green Sense and Citizens Task Force on Land Resources had expressed their opinion on the questionnaire. Even though I don’t believe that the government would listen to their opinion, but at least they’ve tried and raised the concern of the public. It is also a great chance for me to see how to hold a press conference and what I should do and get prepared if I need to hold one.

The WWF’s ‘Sea for Future’ exhibition opening ceremony was held at the end of my week. There were many professionals at the ceremony including Apple, a lecturer from my school. The VR and AR technology was interesting that you can see the underwater creatures even if you cannot dive. It was fun having the VR and AR to get in touch with the sea creatures. We don’t really need to see the real creatures in captivity anyway. The AR technique can also help to introduce the effects of having a protected area under water which could be good teaching resources.

It seems busy for my first week but I really enjoy it. It’s been fun to know how the publication works are done and I am looking forward to next week.

I am also happy to meet the research team members. Due to the poor weather during my first week, the research team had to stay in the office with me and Yuki. They are quiet but friendly and they are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with me. They also cooked and shared their lunch with me and it was just so tasty. They could be a really good chef.

For next week, I am hopefully going to go on a boat trip with the research team. After watching one on a boat trip as a volunteer last time, I am hoping to see a finless porpoise this time. Wish me luck~